S. No. Project Title Target Areas Duration Total Fund


Donor SWRDO & Community Contribution Key achievements
1 Youth Leadership, Peace and Conflict Management Multan and Lohdrain District Sep to Dec 2014 PAK Rs. 200,000 Leaded Pakistan & Creative International Associate Pakistan Under Umeen-e-Jawan Projectr 05%
  • Identification and final selection of youth for the capacity building project trainings
  • TOT of Master Trainer
  • Conduction the training on Module 1st, 2nd and 3rd on Leadership, Peace and conflict Management
  • Overall object of this project is to enounced the capacity of 60 youth to pay their role in the society as good youth and leader and reduce the factors of sectarian extremism.
2 Basic Education Community Schools (BECS) 2 Tehsil of District Rajanpur Aug 2014 to Dec 2015 PAK Rs, 18000 Per month BECS a project of Federal Government of Pakistan 10% SWRDO is implementing a project of Basic Education Community Schools (BECS) a project of Federal Government of Pakistan, Through this program SWRDO implementing 40 Non formal basic education community schools in the deprived areas of District Rajanpur (Punjab) Pakistan. Through this program 40 teachers are opined and 1235 students (Girls & Boys) are enrolled.

The BEC Schools are based on Non-Formal basic education system having a single home based room for school (Class I-V) where the premises is provided free of cost by the community. In each BEC School, 30 learners of age group 4-16 years are mandatory.One teacher is responsible for classes I to V of a school by adopting multi-grade teaching methods; based on concurrent curriculum. The teachers’ honorarium, learning material and text books are provided by the Government of Pakistan.


The objective of BECS is “to strengthen non-formal approach to supplement the formal education for eradication of illiteracy and achievement of Universal Primary Education (UPE) as envisaged by Constitution of Pakistan (Article 25-A) and in MDGs, by extending free and flexible basic education opportunities to out-of-school children and youth, having no access to the formal system of education, especially disadvantaged children and girls”.

3. Skill for Job 2014-2015 Lahore, Narowal, Shekhopura, Chinot, Fasilabad, Gujranwala Dec-2014 to 2015 PAK Rs. 11900,000/- Punjab Skill Development Fund (PSDF) / UK Aid 10%
  • Overall object of this project is to reduce the sectarian extremism through the provision of free of cost technical education facility and create income generation for opportunity
  • Provide technical education the trade of Industrial Electronic and Home Appliance Repair
  •  livelihood opportunity for 100 trainee
  • 100 are enrolled in the trade of  1. Industrial Electronic (06Month) 2. Home Appliance Repair (6month) trade Diploma certificate through certify institute “Punjab Board of Technical Education PBTE & TEVTA.
  • SWRDO developed liaison with institute, industries, franchise and share list of successful candidate for job
  • SWRDO arranged accommodation and meal for student according to prescribed standard of Donor.
  •  SWRDO reimburse monthly Rs. 3000/- honorarium to students and ensure transparency and accountability according to policy
04 Youth Skill Enouncement Program Kashmoor / Guddu March 2014 to Jun 2014  (4 Month) PKR 640000 BBSYDP / World Bank 05%
  • Conduct vocational Beautician certified training course through STEVTA board for girls and women for Micro enterprise and livelihood / income generation .
  • Conduct Auto Electrician vocational courses certified by STEVTA Sindh board for youth Micro enterprise and livelihood / income generation.
05 Reduce water born diseases through the provision of safe and clean drink water facility through Household level Handpump and Communal Water Well with Hand pump District Rajanpur UC, Sekhaniwala, Kotla Naseer, Rojhan city Jan 2014 to May 2014 (05 Month) PKR 2675000 Muslim Charity UK 05%
  • Formation of Male and female community groups
  • Conduct Health and Hygiene Sessions
  • Identification of Marginalized and vulnerable families through community participation
  • Finalization of beneficiaries through door to door physical verification for Household level Hand pump with the community participation
  • identification of Communal place for Small Hand pump like Government Institutions, Mosque, Railway Station, Bus station, Children & women Parks.
  • Installation of small Hand Pumps and Water Wells through community participation and involvement
  • Conduct technical training for COs WASH communities member and community activist on Operational and maintenance trainings
06 Rehabilitation of One Room Shelters (ORS) for  475vulnerable flood affected families of UC Kotla Esan Rajanpur UC  Fatehpur, Rojhan District Rajanpur 19 Nov 2013 to April 2014 USD 249996 UNOCHA / ERF 05%
  • 458 extremely vulnerable families including 877women, 1,520children and 928men have safeguarded their physical protection through the provision of support for reconstruction of One Room Shelters
  • The resilience of the 475 EV flood affected families has been improved through the integration of Disaster Risk Reduction Technologies in the newly built shelters and through their capacity development on construction of improved houses for DRR and on continuous shelter maintenance
07 Skill for Job (2013-2014) 4 District of South Punjab

1.Muzaffar Grah

2. Lohdran




15 Nov 2013 To 15 Nov 2014 PAK Rs.9600,000/-


USD: 92307/-


Punjab Skill Development Fund (PSDF)


UK Aid

  • livelihood opportunity for 150 trainee
  • 100 trainees complete the technical courses in (1. Telecommunication 2. Telecom Installation and Technicians) 6month trade Diploma certificate through certify institute “Punjab Board of Technical Education PBTE & TEVTA
  • SWRDO developed liaison with institute, industries, franchise and share list of successful candidate for job
  • SWRDO arranged accommodation and meal for student according to prescribed standard of Donor
  •  SWRDO reimburse monthly Rs. 3000/- honorarium to students and ensure transparency and accountability according to policy
08 English Access Micro scholarship program Sukkur (Sindh) Aug 2013 to Sep 2015 USD 74658$ US Consulate Karachi 7% of total Project Cost About Access program

The English Access Micro scholarship program provide a foundation of English language skill to bright, economically disadvantaged 14-to 18-year olds through two years of after school instruction and intensive sessions. Access students also gain an appreciation for U.S culture and democratic values through enhancement activities. A greater sensitivity to cultural differences, coupled with the acquired English language skills, will enable the participants to take advantage of opportunities that had previously been unavailable to them


v  Develop critical thinking skills as they participate in discussions, prepare, and deliver presentations.

v  Develop a sense of responsibility and concern for quality  as students participate in project with clearly established goals and standards

v  Explore opportunities for higher education, including other U.S Government-sponsored exchange programs.

v  Develop confidence as they prepare to embark on their chosen career paths

09 Rehabilitation of One Room Shelter for the 400 extremely vulnerable flood affected families UC Fatehpur Tehsil & District Rajanpur 27 May 2013 to 26 Sep 2013 PAK Rs. 29358800 Concern Worldwide Pakistan (RAPID Fund) USAID PAK Rs.4515600 v  To ensure that security, safety and physical protection needs of IDPs/returnees are addressed through provision of appropriate shelter assistance to affected families

v  400  households receiving construction material for  One Room Shelter ORS  pursuant to Sphere standards and FOG [Field Operations Guide] guidelines

v  90.80% Percent of the total affected population receiving One Room Permanent shelter assistance.(Note:  as per shelter cluster total house destroyed/damaged are 441and SWRDO is targeting 400  house hold)

v  80% of total amount and percent of approved project budget for One Room Permanent shelter spent in the affected local economy

v  Build the capacity  of local CBO’s Male & Female on CBDRM to mitigate disaster impact and ensure life security through evocation plan in flood and season

10 Protection and Restoration of livelihood and food security of Extremely Vulnerable Flood Affected IDPs in District Rajan Pur UC Fatehpur in Tehsil Rajanpur and UC’s Harand and Hajipur in Tehsil Jampur District Rajanpur 19 Feb to 19 Jun 2013 USD 99,904 ERF / UNOCHA 05 % v  To rehabilitate and restore food security and livelihoods of vulnerable flood affected families particularly women farmers in District Rajanpur in Southern Punjab

v  100 male and 227 female farmers supported in Sorghum cultivation for livestock fodder, family food security and for income generation.

v  100 male and 100 female livestock owners receiving the assistance packages for improved livestock production

v  Restoring and developing the household/subsistence and income generation activities of 400 female farmers

11 Flood Emergency Response through the Provision of Temporary Shelter Kit and NFI’s to 1800 extremely vulnerable families UC Rojhan City Tehsil Rojhan District Rajanpur 27 Dec 2012 to 26 Feb 2013 USD  279,000$ USAID, Concern Worldwide Pakistan (RAPID Fund) USD 1894 v  To provide physical protection to the extremely vulnerable women 3,704 men 3,865 and children 5,040 through the provision of 1800 Temporary shelter kits

v  To provide physical protection to the extremely vulnerable women 3,704 men 3,865 and children 5,040 through the provision of 1800 Winterization kits

12 Reduce Water Born Diseases through the Installation of Water Well with Hand pump District Rajanpur July 12 to Sep 12 USD 10,000 Muslim Charity UK USD 2000 Installed 17 water well with Hand pump in two flood affected UC,s of District Rajanpur, delivered 25 Health and Hygiene session on (Personal, Domestic and Environmental Hygiene). Formed seventeen WASH committee for the sustainability of project activities.
13 Climate Leadership for Effective Adaptation and Resilience (CLEAR) District Rajanpur Jan 2012 to Running (its Five Year Project funding on activity based Lead Pakistan 07%
  1. Communities and CSOs will have greater understanding of Climate Change and Climate discourse in order to prepare their actions plans;
  2. Develop LAPAs for grass root level initiatives
  3. Availability of new technologies and alternative livelihoods options for the poor, for decreased vulnerability to climatic changes;
  4. Community concerns and indigenous knowledge to be embedded in adaptation policy following the bottom up approach (at district, provincial and national level);
  5. Capacitated CSOs can raise awareness to advocate for pro-poor climate policy at local, provincial and national levels
14 Construction of 900 Permanent Shelters for flood affected families

(One Room, Kitchen, toilet)

District DG Khan and Rajan Pur May – Dec 2011 UDD


UNHCR 62,626 Almost 8,400 flood affected persons are living in safe shelters. Access to toilet and improved health and hygiene conditions have resulted to improve overall living conditions of the beneficiaries. Women feel more protected. The cases of gender based violence have reduced. 36 -shelter committees have full capacity of project management and monitoring and evaluation with community participation.


Build the capacity  of local CBO’s Male & Female on CBDRM to mitigate disaster impact and ensure life security through evocation plan in flood and season

15 Construction of 1,170 One Room Shelters for flood affected families of south Punjab DG Khan and Rajan Pur March – August 2011 USD


IOM 11,904 8,190 flood affected persons have been able to reconstruct their shelters and are living in a dignified manner.
16 Distribution of 1,170 Shelter constriction Tool Kits Rajanpur and DG Khan July 2011 USD


IOM   1170 families became equipped with shelter construction tool kits. In 48 –villages, 48 shelter committees have been formed who have capacity of development planning and management with full community participation.


Build the capacity  of local CBO’s Male & Female on CBDRM to mitigate disaster impact and ensure life security through evocation plan in flood and season

17 Establishment and Management  of IDP Camp for 3000 IDP’s RajanPur August – September 2010 00 Qatar Charity 2,000 3000 IDPs were provided food, water, and sanitation and health services.
18 Distribution of 1000 tents and 1000 NFIs to the 1000 affected families of flood 2010 District Rajan Pur December 2010 275,000 UNHCR 1,000 7000 flood affected IDPs benefited from the assistance.
19 Provision of 5,500 Tents and 5,500 NFIs among 5,500 flood Affected families



Rajan Pur December 2010 825,000 IOM 3,0


5,500 families benefited from the assistance. It was the result of highly transparent and non discriminatory distribution of the relief assistance that IOM considered SWRDO as its Implementing Partner for construction of 1,170 shelters in the Early Recovery phase in district Rajanpur and district DG Khan.
20 Advocacy & Awareness Raising on Women’s Property Rights. Rajanpur 2010 7000 WLUML/IWE 2000 Euro Under this project Advocacy and awareness raising program arranged trough community sessions, live FM radio program, capacity building training of Nikah Registrar for Meher property  rights, sensitization sessions with revenue department IEC material on women’s property rights
21 Provision of Dry Ration to 600 Affected Families of 2010 Flood and Cooked Food to 1,000 Affected Families and provision of Medical Services


Rajanpur Oct – Nov 56,994 Shirkat Gah   The project beneficiaries were the flood affected IDPs residing in 05 different tent villages in Tehsil Rojhan and Tehsil and District Rajanpur. SWRDO also arranged 05 Medical Camps with support from Shirkatgah. The services of one gynecologist and 05 Para Medical Staff were arranged and about 1,500 women and children were treated in these tented villages.
22 Management of Tent Village with Support of District Government



Rajanpur August – October 2010 000   995 SWRDO managed a tent village of 200 affected families of the flood 2010 with support from District Government.  The tent village was established in Khawar Baloch Cotton Ginning Factory in Rajanpur.
23 Provision of One food Package to Hill-torrent flood affected families 25 Union Councils in Rajanpur Dec 2008 – Jan 2009


2,280,000 WFP 1,300 5,500 families were provided food assistance for one month.
24 Distribution of Tents for among 200 Hill Torrent Flood Affected families 9 UC of District Rajanpur Dec 2008 – Jan 2009 2000 Care International Pakistan 775 SWRDO Conducted need assessment and distributed tent shelters to 200 households affected by Hill- torrent floods.
25 Distribution of  one week Food Package and Medical Camp to 400 families Rajanpur  

September 2008





Self help basis Caritas Multan   SWRDO conducted a survey of 15,000 affected families for the identification of most deserving and vulnerable Hill Torrent flood affected families and distributed food among 400 families in UCs Jahanpur and Fatehpur of District Rajanpur and managed a medical camp for them.
26 research studies, awareness raising and advocacy on violence against women Layyah, Muzaffar Garh, DG Khan, Rajanpur 2000 on ward 0000 Shirkat Gah   SWRDO is a core member of Shirkatgah Lahore. The key areas of partnership include research studies, awareness raising and advocacy on violence against women and promotion of legal awareness to ensure access to free legal aid to women victims of violence.
27 Rajanpur Gender Project




Rajanpur 2006 – 2008 50,000 (Canadian Dollars) CIDA (PAGE)


6,557 SWRDO organized awareness raising and sensitization of communities and other stakeholders on Gender Based Violence (GBV) and violation of women human rights in District Rajanpur. 35 Legal Awareness trainings were organized for more than 1,200 women and female councilors. 50 women were provided legal aid in family and criminal cases.  Publications on VAW (Violence against Women) were disseminated and capacity of different stakeholders was enhanced on the issue through orientation sessions, dialogues, meetings and discussions and seminars.
28 Project Name: Global Zabiha Program



Noorpur, Wang, Noorpurmanjhoowala December 2007 – January 2008 6250  HHRD   With the financial support of Helping Hand for Relief and Development, SWRDO arranged the Global Zabiha Program in Rajanpur on the day of Eid-ul-Azha in 2008 and 2010. About 300 poor families benefited from this program.


29 Rehabilitation of Water Courses village Kotla Naseer of District Rajanpur 2006 – 2007 000 District Government of Rajanpur under CCB Development Fund    One main water courses rehabilitated for improved irrigation.
30 Project Name Cluster Based Teachers Training (CBT) & School Leadership development Program (SLDP)



Districts: Vehari, Multan, DG Khan, Khanewl, Mianwali, and layyah, Bahwalpur, Rahim Yaar Khan, Muzafarghar and Rajanpur January 2007 – 2010 30,000 Punjab Education Foundation


  Nearly 1500 teachers and principals of 700 government primary boys and girls schools benefited from this program. Through this project, teachers skills were enhanced in improved teaching and the leadership skills of principles were developed.


31 16 Days Activism on Violence against Women


District Vehari and District Rajanpur November to December 2006 2,000 UNIFEM   The capacity of 25 Police Officers was enhanced on international standards of human rights. They were sensitized on registration of FIR on violence against women



32 Project Name: Study of two Projects,  Childhood Marriage and Women Selling and Buying

US$ 14,117


15 Union Councils of District Rajanpur


2002 and 2006


  DFID/GEP   SWRDO carried out a three month study on the Project of “Protection of Women against Childhood Marriage”. The second study was carried out on selling and buying of women. SWRDO sensitized and mobilized the communities and stakeholders for the protection of Women Human Rights through the promotion of its finding and awareness raising through seminars.  For the success of the project, Networking with different stakeholders was undertaken and linkages with women groups, especially at the grassroots level were established.
33 Project Name: Women Health Project for Mothers and Child Health


100 villages of Rajanpur


December 2005 – October 2006


US$ 23,529





  The project was based on advocacy, mobilization of community and stakeholders for women health, mother and child health and safe motherhood. Under this project, -100 health committees were formed for health education and 100 training session, one seminar and a medical camp were organized to address the issues of women health, hygiene and reproductive health. IEC material was also distributed among them.
34 Violence Against Women and CEDAW Promotion


Rajanpur Jan to Dec 2003


7000  GFW USA


  Awareness on violence against women and for the promotion of CEDAW Convention was undertaken by arranging seminars, gender sensitization sessions, provision of skill trainings for the use computer and internet.
35 Partnership with Environmental Protection Agency Punjab (EPA)


Rajan Pur Feb to July 2010


2,187 EPA 1,250 SWRDO implemented a project of environmental protection and 2300 tree Plantation in Government buildings.