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Project Detail 2015-2022

Sangtani Women Rural Development Organization (SWRDO) 

On-going Projects of SWRDO


Serial # Project Title Project Status

Thematic area

/ sector/ component

Role in implementation

(lead or partner)

Project duration  (From ----To---) (MM/YY)


Target Area/


area of implementation

Major Achievements of the project

Water and Sanitation

Hygiene (WASH)

Running WASH Leading Organization 25-Dec-2020 to 24-Dec-2022 District Rajanpur

Objective: “To ensure that marginalized population has adequate access to safe drinking water with dignity, and knowledge of best hygienic practices to reduce the risk of water and sanitation borne diseases.”                                         

I. 5677 individuals have access to safe water for drinking with dignity through Installation of 32 Deep-bore Afridav Water Well and11Shallow hand pumps by completion of the project     
II. Improved know how of the 5677 community members regarding safe hygienic practices through 40 Hygiene promotion sessions

Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)
Sustainable Agriculture
Leading Organization
2nd April 2017 to 3rd May 2025
District Rajanpur
 The objective of this program is to transform cotton production in District Rajanpur by developing Better Cotton as a sustainable mainstream commodity. The Better Cotton Initiative exists to make cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future.
3 Rajanpur Integrated Development Program (RIDP) Running WASH, Livelihood, Orphan Support, Edu, Qurbani and Eid Gift Leading Organization Sep 15, 2020 to March 14-2022 District Rajanpur
In District Rajanpur, 1750 families of 12250 individuals have access to safe water for drinking with dignity through the Installation of 500 Shallow hand pumps and 50 Afridave Deep-Bore Water Wells 
Two milking goats with kids will be provided to each rural women farmer for the improvement of livelihood and a total of 100 Rural Women farmers of District Rajanpur will receive this assistance package.
Through financial assistance, 200 orphans of District Rajanpur will receive monthly cash support for the covering of basic needs and education expenses.
In District Rajanpur150 young volunteers male and female will be capacitated for the protection of women's rights and promotion of gender equality and EVAW.
4 Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) - 2020 Running WASH Leading Organization 23 Jan 2020 to Dec-Aug-2023 District Rajanpur • 210 vulnerable families of Koh Sulman mountain area of District Rajnapur are receiving Clean Drinking water facility at the village level through the installation of 07 Afridive Water Well Hand Pump.
• 300 Ultra poor families of District Rajanpur are receiving safe drinking water facility at household level through the installation of 300 shallow Hand pumps. 
• 510 families are capacitated on Health and Hygiene sessions (Personal, Domestic and Environmental Hygiene)  
• 22 heads of WASH committee of target area will be capacitated on Operation and Maintenance Trainings (O&M) for the sustainability of water project.
•  22 Committee Organizations and WASH committee are formed for the sustainability of project and ensure transparency and accountability in project interventions.
5 Construction of Maternal Health Centre in Chak Shikarai, Tehsil and District Rajanpur Running Health Leading Organization 1st Feb 2018 To           31-Dec-2024 District Rajanpur (Punjab)
Overall Project Objective:                                                                                           The overarching objective of the project is to address the high rate of maternal and infant mortalities in UC Chak Shikari through the provision of high quality, accessible, safe and affordable reproductive health services in the region            Expected Output
a) Profile of the beneficiaries
Residents of Union Council Chak Shikari, primarily women and children
b) Number of people who will benefit directly 3000 Housholds                                 c) Number of people who will benefit indirectly
30,000 (entire population of the Union Council)
d) Qualitative output
Change in attitudes towards reproductive health in the Union Council and its surroundings which will not only result in better health indicators but by promoting healthy and smaller families, also contribute to the eradication of poverty.  
Women will approach to health center